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2015-05-09 17:47:45 by lemmylime

well, i lost all of my motivation to animate, i guess since cuz its been so long when i last animated, i might try it out again, but i will prolly not. sorry guys, i guess i used up all my motivation when i went moved back to louisiana and started working out a few years ago, i guess its also cuz i dont want to waste my life again on the computer, i did that when i moved to alabama for a few years, i had only like 5 friends, but then i moved back, at first i still wasnt socialicing with people, but my brother (he's not really my brother, but we knew eachother long enough to be) showed me how to scocialize, and now im friends with everyone, literaly, but i will never forget my friends in alabama, i went from a non scocial video game nerd, to a popular, country showin, nicest friend you can ever have. its funny how much my life changed in like five years. wow, this post was suppost to only be a few lines long, but i kinda turned it into a life story lol. well, ill see yall later, YEE-YEE to all the country people and rednecks, and sup to yall who will accually read this post, p.s to anyone who read this who is a dipper, Pack dip and spit MOTHER TRUCKERS!! YEE-YEE!!





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