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Posted by lemmylime - May 9th, 2015

well, i lost all of my motivation to animate, i guess since cuz its been so long when i last animated, i might try it out again, but i will prolly not. sorry guys, i guess i used up all my motivation when i went moved back to louisiana and started working out a few years ago, i guess its also cuz i dont want to waste my life again on the computer, i did that when i moved to alabama for a few years, i had only like 5 friends, but then i moved back, at first i still wasnt socialicing with people, but my brother (he's not really my brother, but we knew eachother long enough to be) showed me how to scocialize, and now im friends with everyone, literaly, but i will never forget my friends in alabama, i went from a non scocial video game nerd, to a popular, country showin, nicest friend you can ever have. its funny how much my life changed in like five years. wow, this post was suppost to only be a few lines long, but i kinda turned it into a life story lol. well, ill see yall later, YEE-YEE to all the country people and rednecks, and sup to yall who will accually read this post, p.s to anyone who read this who is a dipper, Pack dip and spit MOTHER TRUCKERS!! YEE-YEE!!




Posted by lemmylime - April 25th, 2014

we finnaly got a new computer, but this is a laptop, thats great, but the thing that sucks is that in my absance, ive never really been on a computer, except my phone, but now that we have a laptop, im gonna have to start all over again, i still have my madness sprites on my accout, i think, but i dont really feel like animating that much any more, i will still do it, but not as much anymore, well, im back :)

Edit- well, i just checked, i still got my new madness sprites, but im gonna have to work on them, a lot, but i still got them

Edit- also, im gonna have to learn how to animate how i used too, and get used to useing flash again, but its coming back to me

Posted by lemmylime - April 10th, 2013

Well I finnaly hooked up my computer but when I press the powerbutton it flashes a orange light and doesent turn on. So can someone help me, my pc is a dell inspiron, so I think its gonna be a while.before I can start animating again :(.

Posted by lemmylime - March 16th, 2013

Well I finally got internet but its on my phone and its and open internet connection but i got a poor signal and I'm here to tell yall that I finally moved back to lousiana but I won't be on that much and i won't be able to animate yet cuz my computers not hooked up yet but when it is I will start animating and I will try to put the files on my phone so i can update them.so bye

Posted by lemmylime - February 10th, 2013

i still got no internet but im on my friends computer so im just posting to say hi

Posted by lemmylime - July 20th, 2012

i got no internet but im staying at my cuzes for a few days but i dont know when im gonna get internet back :(
EDIT-oh and im makeing a madness animation for madness day its gonna be around 5000 to maby 8000 frames long
and i cant post a picture cuz this isent my comeputer but when i go home im gonna start working on it
and the name is gonna be madness escape
or yall can come up with good names and if yall do i will probably pick one to use as a name for it ;)

Posted by lemmylime - June 16th, 2012

i just got minecraft and im probably gonna make a video in it

hey guys i just got minecraft

Posted by lemmylime - June 5th, 2012

Posted by lemmylime - May 2nd, 2012

i made armor for them and i now its not really good but i like it and ill probely edit it later maby :|

hey i made i made body armor for the marine sprites

Posted by lemmylime - April 27th, 2012

i might make a animation with this and if its goot i might make a series with this :D